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Chronic struggle?




If you’re in any of the above in your marriage, here’s the good news -

your marriage can be better than ever!


Welcome to Blow Up My Marriage…

by Simple Marriage

This course is a radical paradigm shift in how to view your marriage going forward.

For me, the final lesson pretty much summed up all that was/is going wrong with myself, my marriage and my life. Wow. I suddenly see very clearly where I’m taking the wrong turns. My whole life – my ideas for writing and business, my marriage, my sex life – had pretty much turned into “masturbation” – watching, doing things only in my mind, for myself, not “showing” anything to the world, avoiding rejection and risk.
“Penetrating the world” is a very powerful image for me and my way forward. Thanks. ~ M.A.
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If you feel like any of the above, not to worry, this is common in many marriages … and it doesn’t have to be the end of the marriage.

In fact, it’s a great time to begin building something dramatically better.

If you’re interested being part of this course, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be willing to put off making any major relationship decisions (as in should I stay or leave) for at least 4 to 6 months.
  • Start taking an honest look at yourself and your relationship.
  • Participate in the Blow Up My Marriage Course.
  • Work through the material that will be presented online and participate in an online discussion with Dr. Allan and other course members (the beauty of this format is it allows you to work at your own pace).

You can do this alone or with your spouse. Obviously, if both of you participate, the class can be even better for your relationship, but your spouse doesn’t have to if they don’t want.

What I liked best about the course was the absolutely superb content of the lessons. Each module presented a wealth of ideas, and they all fit together to form a very comprehensive session. The format was good in that the weekly updates and homework kept me focused and held me accountable for timely readings, but the content is so rich that I will be using what I’ve learned here for a lifetime.
Blow Up My Marriage is a content rich course which can transform your life and marriage. I have found it to be a fantastic vehicle for personal growth and relationship enrichment.
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In this course you’ll discover:

  • How to create the best marriage from your strengths, not by looking at what’s wrong.
  • How to see that it’s the relationship that’s the issue, not you or your spouse.
  • Why you never want to lean on your spouse.
  • How to create a great life and have your marriage be the icing on the cake.
  • And, how to transform your sex life.

I just want to briefly say that learning to self soothe my anxieties and learning to grow up are 2 techniques that I consider a life-saver and I intend to practice them for the rest of my Life! ~ T.E.
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If you are currently in therapy or contemplating therapy, no worries, this course can be a great addition to the process.

Thanks to the format of this course, I’ll come to you with all the material and information.

The entire course takes place online! So there’s plenty of time to follow along at your own pace – from wherever you are, provided you have Internet access.

As an added plus, each lesson will be available in two different formats.

One will be via a pdf download, simply download the material and read through it at your leisure. The other will be a mp3 audio version of the lesson that you can download and listen to on your iPod (or other device of your choice), or even listen to it right from the webpage. There is also supplemental lessons and material presented throughout the class to help you apply the material to you situation.

To be clear, you are not signing up for marriage therapy, this is more like marriage consulting or marriage class.

How this course works:

Blow Up My Marriage is divided into Three Modules. While there is a structure to the delivery of the material, you can work at your own pace, so there’s plenty of time to work through all the material. As an added plus, there are now four Group Coaching Calls where you can join other course members on the phone with me to ask any questions you have and get personal assistance in applying this material to your marriage. The calls happen every other week and are the only “live” part of this course – all coaching calls are recorded so you have access to the call if you miss it.

Blow Up Your Marriage and create something much better… in just 10 weeks.

Hundreds of people have already blown up their relationship.

Start right away
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10 Week Course
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Personal marriage coaching
Interested in one-on-one marriage coaching/support? You and your spouse can work with Dr. Allan from your own home. Contact us for more info

*The cost for the course covers both you and your spouse if they want to join as well.

Next course begins in late spring or early summer.


Blow Up My Marriage is also for couples who:

  • are constantly fighting
  • have experienced a betrayal via an emotional affair
  • have a spouse caught up in pornography usage
  • are in a monotonous marriage
  • consider themselves a Nice Guy or Nice Girl
  • are gridlocked on several issues in the relationship

Going through the rough times in marriage doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. By looking at things in a radically different way, things can be much better than you ever thought.

Here’s to all marriage can become.